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We thought it might be nice to share with everyone how we became interested in country music and ended up as the NNCMC committee.

When I was a kid there was always a wide range of country music playing in the house including Jim Reeves, Hank Williams, Charlie Pride and Dolly Parton, which for a family of pipers, fiddlers and accordionists (the boxy) was quite strange. I also liked Fleetwood Mac, Status Quo, Elvis and Buddy Holly as I came through the years, and very interestingly all are featured in the country music museum in Nashville.

I met Evelyn in the early 80's and she tried to convert me to Bay City Rollers and the likes, but over the years I have converted her to a Country fan by my constant playing of a wide variety in the house. Our three kids are all quite musical but it must have skipped a generation as neither Evelyn or myself can play a note! I was surprised one night to be listening to Davie Shearer on radio Caithness to hear my son requesting an Alan Jackson number, so that's another generation on the Country road.

It was John Dunnett and my sister Gina who first invited us to Northern Nashville CMC in Viewfirth in the early 90's and we have been regulars ever since. When plans for a first Festival started, Sandy Swanson persuaded me that I could help by applying for sponsorships and, as I was getting too old to be chasing a football, Northern Nashville has become my main hobby (not that there's much time for any others!)

I thoroughly enjoy being involved as the members and especially the committee are all great fun to be around and we have become very good friends.

Keep it Country! Keep it Live!

Alan, Chairperson



My interest in country music probably started about 50 years ago with Jim Reeves, a big favourite in our house, and I still remember hearing on the news that he had been killed in a plane crash. At school I kept up with country music, and when I started working I was then able to buy my own records which I still have - they say vinyl is coming back!!

Those early work days first introduced me to the Dynamos, as they had an office above our workshop at the harbour in Wick. A lot of changes in the band over the years, but still going strong and as good as ever.

When the first Nashville club started we were regulars - cabaret only spots in those days, but a lot of great bands entertained us at the shows in both Wick and Thurso.

Now the second club has gone on from strength to strength and I can only hope with your support to carry on the good work of Davy and all the other committee members before me.

John, Band Secretary

I have always been a music lover, playing the drums in bands myself many moons ago. Although I hate to admit it I remember the 50's music, and was a fan of The Everley Brothers then came the 60's. I loved the whole Liverpool thing my heroes were The Beatles.

Then the Showband scene arrived; travelling to Golspie to dance to Maurice Lynch, the Drumbeats etc and this was probably my cross over into country music and a late convert (although the Everley's were considered country).

My favourite artist is Willie Nelson - I just love his voice, but I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood or how many Glenmorangie's I have drunk!

The NNCMC members know that when I've had one or two I just can't get enough - music I mean - I won't let the bands off stage at the end of the night.

Retirement has given me the time for travelling further afield to pursue my love of live country music in Ireland and also abroad.

Sandy, Compere & Committee Member


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