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For months I was asking the committee to write a short bio piece to introduce themselves and, apart from Sandy, I was without results. However the others must have got fed up with me pestering them and agreed.

Eventually, within minutes of each other, I received what I thought was them. Well I should have known better... I opened the first one and had a laugh to myself thinking "that's different, he's used country song titles". Opened the second one it was the same, so I began to smell a rat. Yes they were all the same - I might have guessed...just another windup - so you see what I mean about my hardest job istrying to keep them under control!

Anyway since the Boys had gone to the trouble of doing the song title ones, and they are quite funny, I thought you might like to read them too, so enjoy! You can return to the official ones by clicking here.

I Remember When, growing up, music played in my home was James Last, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Jerry Lee Lewis etc.

At 16, When The Love Factors High, I met Jenny and realised True Love Is A Golden Ring and by 17 years of age the music I listened to had changed. She said If You Want To Make Me Happy you have to become a Country Boy. Being a Laid Back 'n Low Key kinda guy and wanting to have a Life Of Love, I had Nothing Left To Do but succumb. When Somebody Loves You, You Could Get Used To This Lovin especially with those Big Green Eyes. We went to our first Festival in Halkirk in 2007. I knew then That's Where I Belong. I became a regular with my Hard Hat And Hammer in my job description; I now help out every year.

Ally reminds me that he told me all those years ago to Listen To Your Senses and you will enjoy. This Time he was right, Where I Come From you admit when you are wrong. What can I say about the Festival in Halkirk, The Best Keeps Getting Better and after all the hard work setting up the RDA, Starting about 5 o' clock Somewhere through to 5 o' clock on the Friday night The Thrill Is Back. Monday morning is not fun, but for Jenny it's Let's Get Back To Me And You and we look forward to the Sunday night, Thank God For The Radio. That is how I became an All American Country Boy.

Darryn, Treasurer



Country music to me started when I was very young, listening to my Mama's Song which she played on her gramophone, belting out A Mothers Loves A Blessing along with other hits from the late fifties, these played daily when my father was working late, often he would walk Forty Miles Of Bad Road under a Bad Moon Rising trying to earn money for the Sea Cruise.

Moving on to the mid sixties when I was a teenager I used to say I'm Going To Be Somebody going to the village dances. I was King Of The Road seeing the likes of Manson & the Dynamos in the Stags Hotel in Golspie, I was still in short trousers. I knew The Man I Wanted To Be was a Family Man. I would Dance The Night Away in the Viewfirth the last Friday of the month, saying I was Here For A Good Time. Knowing This Is Country Music calling Mr Bartender Bring Me A Beer, I never wanted to be Somewhere Else.

I like all kinds of country from the old to the new, in our house Anything Goes you can always Hear It On The Radio. I also remember waiting to see our new TV In Colour watching CMT was just great! Working in PFR I am always wishing it was 5 o'clock Somewhere preferably Taking A Back Road to Watten, Knee Deep, Just Fishing. That's what I Love About Sundays and all Those Summer Nights fishing, hoping there was no Storm Warning but Let It Rain knowing that round the corner there was Colder Weather. Me thinking back to when I was a boy wondering When Will I Be Loved or when a girl asked Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not.

Everything was just Easy when Joanne Crazy Girl & I go to the States we always find Some Beach and just Take It Easy. We love the open road were is all Fast Cars & Freedom also try and catch a country festival there, be it in California or Austin. Country music really is Made In America. After 2 weeks we head back to Melvich, coming down the Strath I know I'm Almost Home for I have left my Back Porch Light On knowing I am just a Homeboy.

Wondering what Tommorrow will bring? You can be sure there will always be country music!!!!!!!!


Dennis, Secretary

I started out as a Country Boy at my grannies where I would have to Milk 'em In The Morning Blues, Waitin' For The Sun To Shine. My grandad would sit Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair). After that I was almost persuaded by Cigarettes, Whisky And Wild, Wild Women to Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young, but a Little Bitty Rear and a Back Street Affair saw me off in the Early Morning Rain on the Mule Train.

After A Couple More Years, I met Gina and a Thing Called Love and I had Everything A Man Could Ever Need, then came the Heartaches By The Number, three in total.

I'm Movin On now to the club where you can have A Drink, A Dance, And An Old Love Song and The Door Is Always Open.

As band secretary The Worst Is Yet To Come as it's all Promises, Promises from agents and bands who just hear the Jingle Jangle Jingle and don't care about anything else.

Life gits tee-jus don't it?

John, Band Secretary



When I was growing up there were no Crystal Chandeliers in my house but always a Kettle On The Boil and good country music on the wireless. When not at school I worked on the farm with a Red Necked Woman who taught me all I know and more! I saved up my 5 a week wage until I had enough to buy the very latest in modern music equipment - the Radio cassette player, and a Charlie Pride tape!

In my teens the Caithness, Honkey Tonks were often frequented with George Jones On The Juke Box and Margaritaville on the table and I would Pop A Top Again, and again! Coming home late my mother always wanted to know Who's Bed Has Your Boots Been Under because you've not been in The Bed I Made For You. I should have been a cowboy because I Walk The Line rarely and often the Take Me Home Country Roads were the wrong ones, but if there was Medals For Mothers, she would have got one for the patience she had with me.

I then met Evelyn and who has the Heart Of An Angel, she had me Walking On The Moon and before long there were Wedding Bells Ringing In The Chapel. Our three kids have all left home now but with three grandchildren The Thrill Is Back. We also now have two Hound Dogs that keep us fit.

I Never Go Around Mirrors just in case I see a Rodeo Clown! I'm not a 9 to 5 guy more of a Neon Moon sort of person and I enjoy listening to country greats whether on my iPod, on TV or live on stage at Northern Nashville CMC.

So Welcome To My World, with such an upbringing there could only be one type of music for me - Keep it country! Keep it live!

Alan, Committee Member & Festival Co-Ordinator

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