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From the bands...

Hi Christine & Committee
I would like to thank you all very much for your very supportive and praising email! We felt very honoured to be invited to this prestige festival.

You certainly know how to look after us all, and the experience of it definitely gave us that entire "buzz" both on and off stage. Anthony was still "buzzing" on Monday!!

Both Broken Note and Anthony Mcbrien would like you thank you very much for our "spots" on Saturday.

We are not leaving the music scene completely, just re-arranging ourselves!

It is a pleasure working with you so if we can be of any assistance to your club or festival just give me a ring Christine.

Kind Regards

Mike Petrie

Wanted to say what amazing weekend of country music at the Festival. Thanks to all the committee for inviting myself and the Ryan Turner band it was a real pleasure for us to open this year's festival one we will never forget and we can't thank the people of Scotland enough for making us feel so welcome as you always do we looking forward to or second tour this April on the 17th 18th 19th and 20th might see you all then thanks again everyone Trevor Loughrey

Thank you! It was so much fun and such an amazing opportunity?? it was rather scary but a brilliant experience! Thanks again x Rosie & Craig

James had an absolute blast!

We are both very appreciative for you inviting him to play the festival and we certainly hope he can return.

Everything came together beautifully. James spoke so highly of everyone he met there.
Warm Regards
Brian Smith Manager James House

Dear Christine, and all the Northern Nashville organizer,

Friends, we all had a blast at the Festival!

Thanks for inviting us. We really enjoyed playing for the Scottish audience. You guys know your music!

And we had lots of fun listening to some other great musicians.

The organization of the festival was great… truly, it was well-run!!

But most of all, thanks for treating us so well. We felt like family in Caithness.

We hope we will be back again. We'll be sending the new CD on as soon as it is released.

With all best wishes from this Dutch "cowboy"… and from all the band, and from Tom, too…

Warm regards, Rene Meijer & friends

It was so good meeting you this weekend at the festival. Everyone was so nice and made me feel so welcomed and right at home. I was honored to be a part of such a great event and really appreciate yours and everyone's hospitality. I am ready to make a return trip right now! Scotland is beautiful. I just wish we would have had more time to see more sights and visit with everyone. I certainly would love to be a part of the festival again very soon.
Thanks again-Jeff Woolsey

Jeff Woolsey and the Dance Hall Kings I would like to thank everyone that made my trip to Scotland this past weekend for the Northern Nashville Caithness Music Festival possible. There were great crowds each day of the festival, filled with folks that LOVE country music. It was great to meet so many nice people, many of them I felt like I knew already just because of communication through Facebook. It was very cool. They all definitely made us feel at home. Thank you to Tracy Pitcox for allowing me to be a part of the fine group of artists that made the trip. Amber Digby, Justin Trevino and Jade Jack put on great shows! I was honored to share the stage with each of them for sure. Special thanks to all the members of Midnight Flyer... T Jarrod Bonta, Jeff Croy, Randy Lindley, John Schattenburg and Nathan Fleming for doing such an awesome job of backing us all weekend. They are top notch musicians and top notch folks as well. I had a great time with all of them on the trip. Thanks to all of the fine folks that are involved in putting on this festival. So many great artists in one place all weekend long. I really appreciate being a part of this and definitely hope to make a return trip very soon! Thanks to everyone!

Thanks so much for everything. You always go above and beyond and I am so happy to say that I have some great friends from across the pond!! Your festival is our favorite and we always enjoy every minute of it. Thanks again!

Tracy & the Heart of Texas Gang

Thank you, so much, to all the fine folks in Scotland at the Northern Nashville Caithness Country Music Festival!!!...Amber Digby & Midnight Flyer had a spectacular time!...everyone was so generous and hospitable!!...we hope to make it back again soon!!!...y'all are a wonderful audience and made us feel so welcome!!!...our best to you all!!!...

2:25 AM in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. On the Northern coast of Scotland's Highlands and right now it is so chilly and foggy outside, it reminds me of The Moors in the movie "American Werewolf In London." LOL! Had a great show Saturday night with Justin Trevino - and myself. Got to backup Jeff Woolsey on a couple songs tonight- he did great! Jade Stone Was on, as well. Midnight Flyer outdid themselves backing ALL the acts up from our group this weekend. A lot of material to remember and a lot of picking. My guys are no less than AWESOME. I'm really blessed to have them as my regular-basis touring band. xo to my hubby, Randy, and xo to the rest of the guys I consider my brothers. smile

Thanks to all the staff at Northern Nashville Caithness Country Music Festival! Great people! Thanks for having us back and we look forward to next time, my Scottish brothers and sisters

Amber Digby & Midnight Flyer

Well folks,that's another brilliant weekend that unfortunately has come to an end....still recuperating!! Hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did? The Committee has outdone themselves again by booking a weekends worth of great acts, both from afar and local - they were all brilliant.

Huge thanks to everyone on the Committee and their volunteer supporters for all the work that's gone into making this Festival a success. On a personal note, I'd like to give a huge thank you to Donny Matheson who, at the last minute, was good enough to stand in for Nigel, who unfortunately is ill at the moment. Thanks again Donny, you did a great job. Thanks also to Dougie Stevenson on steel and Jimmy Glenn on lead guitar. Thanks again everybody - and Nigel, get well soon.

George Malcolm

Hi Christine
First of all can I thank you for your kind comments in your email. Personally speaking I haven't enjoyed a festival as much in a long time. You can be very proud of what you have achieved this year. You and your team got everything spot on.
I will be forever grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to showcase my music and my band.
I thank you sincerely for your hospitality. Also to George Malcolm ( compare ) for the event and Simon Payling and his crew doing the sound for the event and BBC Alba. Huge thank you also to all the support given to me on the day from all of my friends old and new for all the kind comments...

Take Care
See you soon
Kindest Regards
Norman Borland

...and from guests & public...

Thanks for having us on Sun, we both enjoyed the music and catching up with folks again. You all do a great job keeping it all together, regards Helen Macpherson x

The whole crew really enjoyed our time up in Caithness and the production ran so smoothly thanks to the committee's great organising. We really appreciated you accommodating all our needs for the weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed it just as much and manage to get some rest this week after such hard work over the past few weeks and months in putting it all together.

I look forward to seeing the programmes come together and will be in touch in the coming months to give you more detail about them.

With all our thanks,
Jenny MNE.T.V.

Sean Bremner. My first festival and hopefully not my last! Enjoyed every minute... From setting up the barn to hearing some new bands and of course the packing it all away. Plenty of pics to edit now and loads of memories of great people and excellent craic! Cheers

Jim Pearson, Shetland. Look forward to next year thanks for all your help, a great weekend

Julie McMillan. It was just a fantastic weekend from start to finish, thanks to you and your band of helpers for all your hard work

Nicola Fulton What a brilliant wkend, well done to everyone for all their hard work year after year!! Xx

Another great festival in Halkirk just finished. Good music, good fun and great craic. Come on the local Caithness people, you need to support your own festival better. If you don't use it you'll lose it and you don't miss something till its gone. It's terrible that there is a higher percentage of visitors coming to our festival than locals. It take one hell of an effort and time by Christine and the committee and all the volunteers to organise this weekend for you at one helluva cost so please support it better if you get the chance!!!

Totally agree there needs to be more locals attending this wonderful weekend, a lot of hard work goes into organising this event so come on folks !! Absolutely brilliant weekend again hope there are many more. i agree john more locals need to support our 'local' festival!!!!!!

Zoe Mackenzie, It's the same old story people fly to other places to see festivals but forget what's on their door step, shame

Christine Hope you're having a good restful weekend after all your recent activities. The festival was great, really enjoyable and good to meet up again with many familiar faces.

Many thanks for your hospitality Best wishes,

Tony Bywater

Excellent weekend thanks for the great welcomes from all your committee. We had a ball all the time that's what we went for. The entertainment was just brilliant the BEST yet!!! Sure hope there will be another year. Thanks to you all hard working committee be proud of yourselves yet again!!!! Excellent weekend thanks for the great welcomes from all your committee. We had a ball all the time that's what we went for. The entertainment was just brilliant the BEST yet!!! Sure hope there will be another year. Thanks to you all hard working committee be proud of yourselves yet again!!!!

Another fantastic weekend --avery big thank you Christine to you and your committee ,and all the volanteers for all the hard work that you all put in to make it the best festival ever -----roll on next year ---xxxx

One of the best weekends yet hoping for more next year thanks for all your help