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Below is a selection of comments and feedback we the committee have received following the Festival.

As you can see most are favourable - folk enjoyed their weekend and felt the adaptations we made to the times worked well and of course the weather was the icing on the cake.

This year for some reason we were more relaxed and managed to enjoy the weekend. I think all the bands did a fantastic job for us - folk had their personal favourites which meant we achieved what we set out to do...offer something for everyone.

However that doesn't take away from the fact that all our artistes, from the very inexperienced newcomers to the most experienced professionals, did their very best to ensure we enjoyed some brilliant country music over the course of the weekend.

The only other comments we have heard have been regarding the sound levels and the fact it was too loud. I myself thought it was loud on Friday night and subsequently the crew were asked to turn it down. Alan had the sound monitors on over the weekend and the levels were checked regularly and found to be within the acceptable range. Sadly no one thought to point it out to us the time have so we can only now apologise if it spoilt the weekend for some people...the last thing we want is for folk to be going away saying they won't be back as it was too noisy, we much prefer to be told at the time when we can do our best to rectify the situation.

Thanks to all who turned out to support us. It was nice to see people stripping off layers instead of putting them on, shame people stayed away this time as it was cold last year - they missed a cracking weekend!



From the bands...

Hey Christine

Hope the rest of the weekend was fantastic! We had a great time and
wanted to thank you once again for having us! Thank you and we hope
to see you guys again very soon!

Best wishes

Paul /Claire

Thank you to everyone at The Caithness Country Music Festival
who made our first time so welcoming and we all had such a blast
performing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend it's going to be awesome.

Claire/Paul xxx



Thanks from all in Highway 40. It was a lovely weekend and everybody was so kindly.
The travel back to Sweden was no problem. We hope to see you and all your kindly
friends more. It was a pleasure for us to see all of you.

Thanks everybody in Scotland, you were great. It was a pleasure for us to meet all you
kindly people on the festival. We hope to see you again somewhere. Until that take care

Best wishes from all in the band.

The festival was just great in any ways. We have been to many festivals,
but this one was special in many ways. Everything was working from day one
when we arrived. A fantastic driver, hotel, schedules, sound check, everything,
and most of all so many nice people and great audience.

We can not answer all your questions , because we're just a band who played
at the festival, but we are very thankful for being a part of this great festival.
We will never forget our days in north of Scotland.

Once again thank you for a fantastic festival.

Soren Madsen

Highway 40

Hello Folks...on behalf of Philomena Begley, Aidan Quinn and ourselves we would like to say a most sincere Thank You to you all for the warm welcome extended to us on our visit to your Festival on Friday Evening. The presentation to Philomena was the icing on the cake and over the rest of the weekend she mentioned several times how much she appreciated it.

I do hope the rest of the weekend was successful for you...there is such an unbelievable amount of hard work goes into making the venue ready and then having to put it back to its original state after it is all over...it is you guys who deserve the medals!!

Thanks again folks and if there is ever a time I can be of any help I am at the end of the 'phone...sincerely meant.

Thanks again Ann Carmody

I hope that you are taking some time off tomorrow after clean up and have a nice couple glasses of wine and relaxing! Thanks for all the hard work that you guys put in and for having me over to be a part of it all. I didn't know if you could tell but I was slightly out of my element, especially when we first arrived but I ended up really enjoying myself. Loved meeting so many good folks and the other musicians. I'd love to work with you guys again anytime.

God Bless!

Rusty Rierson

A big thanks for another very well organised weekend, as always hospitality and entertainment was first class. Very happy with interviews that you kindly arranged, Wishing you and your committee continued success and hope to see you all again next year

Sandy Watt

Waves Radio

The guys had a great time and were delighted to take part
thank you very much for their opportunity to play.

Cheers Andy

Thurso High School Band

Hi Christine

Thanks very much for giving us the chance to perform at the festival, really enjoyed it. I will pass on your thanks to the rest of the band. Yeh the weather was amazing that whole weekend, which definitely makes a difference. Think New Gambler brought the sunshine. Hope to catch up with uz all again soon.


Hi Christine.. We all had a wonderful time and are really pleased that everyone enjoyed the music. We are thrilled that you liked the flag, and thought it would be a special touch for you. As I told Alan Scotland is beautiful and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. it was great to see so many familiar faces also.. and we would like to come back sometime to vacation there and if ya'll come back to Texas you are more than welcome to come and stay at our home..Thanks for everything..

...and from guests & public...

Christine, thanks a lot for a great day on Saturday, as always great welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the music, interviews and meeting up with folks I haven't seen for ages. I am sure Sunday was a great day also and then the tidying up! I would just like to say I find your committee very friendly and willing to help, it makes for a lovely atmosphere. We wish we could stay up and have a drink and enjoy more acts.

Thanks for all your help,

Helen Macpherson MFR

Darren - Thank u & the rest of the committee for a brilliant weekend of brilliant country music. All the hard work and organization involved before & after & behind the scenes look forward to next year. The Bairns says many thanks for Easter egg's. Time for your turn @ the bar now.

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work, Once again ,I had a great weekend the high light of the year. So again thank you for great music and hard work.

Joan Oag


Congratulations on another well run festival, from what I'm hearing and seeing on the internet it was a great success, well done to everyone concerned.

It's something that I must get to soon, I was in touch with you a few years ago about organise a group from Ireland to attend the festival, it didn't work out at that time but it's something I will consider for next year.

When you have an good idea of your 2015 acts in particular the American artists I'd appreciate if you could let me know so I could get organising a group to the festival.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi there.

Having just returned from attending my 1st festival I must pass on my thanks to all of you involved in putting on such a great event. To get such an international list of artists together takes some organising and I would imagine at times becomes a logical headache.

The lineup this year was pure class. Too many high lights to mention here. To plan and arrange an event like this obviously takes a lot of time and wouldn't happen without the help and goodwill of a band of helpers and most importantly sponsors willing to donate goods, materials etc.

Having spoken to friends who have attended previous festivals it would seem that attendances were down this year. But with the current state of affairs with people having to watch their budgets it's not surprising. Clubs here in England are also suffering from a lack of patrons. I do hope that you will continue next year - cos I'll be back!!

Once again my appreciation for a job well done.

Michael Gorman

Another excellent festival - well done to all involved, tremendous amount of music hard work behind the scenes to give us all a weekend of brilliant

Patricia Munro

It was my first time at festival this weekend and loved it will def be returning

Laura Foubister

Enjoyed weekend big time, it's the first time I have been but it won't b the last well done to everyone involved u did a fantastic job.

Catherine Foubister

The nicest people you will find. Great show put on

I couldn't fault the line up at all ... some local talent, all genres of country catered for acoustic (Suzy) , western swing (Kelly), up to date new country (Raintown, Radney) and of course some great Irish bands to end the nights with loads of dancing. You all did a great job.

Martin Molloy

We met people in our hotel where it was their 1st festival they said they would be back it should be available on prescription for the total feel good factor great time had by all once again x

Shona Mcalpine

No truer words were said. Well done to all that is involved. Brill job once again. Hope to be there again next yr.

Liz Ronaldson

Thank you to all at The Northern Nashville Club for a wonderful weekend up in Halkirk, Thurso for their Country Music Festival. My first time to be a part of it all and it is a really great event. Congratulations to all involved. It was great to meet a lot of old friends & acquaintances and get to play with young Brandon McPhee and the band.

Crawford Bell

Another fantastic festival with a great line up from around the world. Well done to everyone who made this possible.

Donald McMillan

First time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year!

Avril Hendry

We know and appreciate just how much work went into preparing the venue for this event. It was hard to imagine its regular use as an equestrian centre. Everyone made us feel welcome and the artists chosen were great. The ticket price was good value, especially for the amount of entertainment we received. Quality of music was great too. The food and drinks were very reasonably priced and there was a good selection of merchandise, which was reasonably priced also. TV cameras might be able to promote this event I guess. We would very much like it to go ahead next year even though we have to travel so far and in the same format as this year. It is great to be able to see these artists and meet them as well, which you would not be able to do in a bigger venue. The meetings are actively encouraged, which we thought was nice as the staff on the merchandise stands were very friendly and helpful too.
All round a great event and worth travelling the 18 hours and 800 miles to get there and back!!

Kay Brown

To me this was the best year yet bands were all brilliant and i don't think
the tickets were dear worth every penny and it was good that it was open
all the time i would recommend it to anyone roll on next year
thanks all for a great weekend

Cathy Young

Great weekend, thank you all.

Wendy Anderson

Well done to everyone involved in any way for organising a fantastic week-end. A xx

Aileen MacDonald

Awesome !!!!!

Montie McFerrin


Here we are better late than never!! All 4 of us from Skye thoroughly enjoyed the Festival once again. The bands were all very good & the Irish singers did a fantastic job rounding off each evening - we don't get much chance over here of seeing those bands (other than Mick Flavin coming again this year) so it's great for us - I am very keen on the Irish style. I was also very impressed by the young American, Rusty Rierson, on the Sunday night - thought he was excellent. We also enjoyed hearing the locals too - Manson Grant & the Dynamos & young Brandon are still our favourites. Saying that the whole weekend's music was fantastic.

Once again everything was very well organised & we were so impressed by the timing of the whole festival. The heating was a lot better this year too (must be my age that I need more heat!) & it was very comfortable in the premises.

Thanks once again for a wonderful weekend of entertainment & we appreciate how welcome the Committee & helpers always make us when we come back 'home' for a break!

All the best for the future.

Jim & Iris Campbell (Portree)

I only made it to the Saturday this year but the whole day was fantastic. It was amazing to see the transformation from riding school to festival venue in your Facebook pictures. The amount of work and dedication that goes into the festival every year is fantastic. Of course it's a little pricier than most folks ordinary night out but for the number of acts and quality of acts, it is well worth every penny. I am always telling folk what a fabulous atmosphere it is and I found myself looking round in wonder at the acts, the different people from all over the country and all different ages come together in one building having a great time and everyone is so friendly. I find it a shame up here that many folk complain nothing happens and then don't make the effort when something as great as this is right on their doorstep. Thankyou for putting on a great show yet again and I hope you will continue to do so xxx

Claire Anne Fraser

I have only missed the first festival and it just keeps getting better. I like the new times. Music was all excellent. I like how you encourage the young people to take part. Weekend ticket - excellent value for money. No complaints for the whole weekend. Your team did a great job. Hope to see you again next Easter.

Myleen Laurenson

Absolutely brilliant weekend nothing to change keep up the good work and well done to all your team see you all next year if not before.

Drew Thomson

A huge thank you to you and your team it was and is the best weekend of the year, new times were better than last year can't wait for next year No improvement needed Thanks again for a wonderful weekend.

Sharon Martin

I have attended the festival for many years now and it is a must on my calendar every year. The music was first class and catering superb and the work required to make the venue the way it is set up must be time consuming to say the least . I take it upon myself to thank the NNMF committee on behalf of our Golspie party all of whom had a fabulous weekend.Finally the opportunity to meet old friends and countless new ones is only made possible by you the ones who give up their spare time to ensure a safe happy and extremely well organised environment. Roll on next year and success to you all up there

Thank You

Arthur Cook

I felt all the acts were at the top of their game, Highway 40 delivered a great set & really appreciated the crowd, the U.S. acts never held back either, Suzy & Co delivered with a Merle Haggard influenced set, Rusty had a great blend of classics & own material, the whole package, I could not find fault, the price, facilities were all good. It could not of been achieved without all the countless hours that the Northern Nashville Country Music Club committee put in All the best, hope 2015 is on the cards.

Cllr Neil MacDonald

Brilliant weekend first time I have had a full weekend ticket good value for money. Also been able to stay inside or at the bar noon & night is the way forward. Looking forward to next year. All band's first class great choice. The weather made the weekend. Food first class at all outlets. Once again big thanks to all who made the festival another one to never forget.

Graeme Henderson

We came over from Orkney for the first time this year after years of never getting round to attending. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and came home shattered with all the dancing etc:) Great venue so well transformed for the event hard to believe its a riding centre! Great selection of artistes and great value for money. Food great at the school and tea and sandwiches fantastic as well, keep us going. Glad no TV cameras but we have bought the dvd so time will tell with that one A thoroughly enjoyable weekend, hope it carries on and we will be back. Well done to all the committee, it showed over the weekend that you are all a great team

Lizzie Grieve

Was great weekend no improvements needed! Roll on next year.

Paul Macintosh

I preferred the all day opening much better.

rice of weekend I think is fine but I had a few friends come along for one night and 30 seemed steep but that's maybe just me (stingy) lol

TV cameras not being there was definitely another improvement as far as I was concerned.

As for the mix of Artist this year for me was the best yet a wide selection of different styles very hard to pick a favourite from this years line up

Well done once again to you all for a Brilliant festival so looking forward to seeing what you are going to give us next year

Wendy Jane Shearer