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Here is a very small selection of the feedback we received from some of the artistes and audience following our Festival. These are all very positive but we have also had some written comments, collected at the Festival, highlighting areas which some people felt we need to look at for future events. We will take these on board and try to improve upon them for next year.

The main one is regarding the reserving of seats, and as I have said in the past we ourselves find it easier to seat large companies all together. We are now receiving block bookings of between 40 and 60 people, who sponsor us to provide them with a table, so it makes life easier.

The other one is the boom TV camera which a small minority find annoying. We will take this up with crew if they decide they're returning next year, but clearly they are trying to position the cameras in a location which is the best to enhance the quality of the filming.

Limited space in between the tables. We are trying to source narrower tables which will give people more room to get in and out.

We do appreciate feedback and constructive criticism and welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have in order to improve the enjoyment of the weekend.

Thanks to all who took the time to write, telephone, e-mail - it is much appreciated

We had a great time the country is absolutely beautiful and the people are as well. I hope to get back soon and stay a little longer.


Landon Dodd

We had a safe trip home. Thank you, and thank everyone for us, we had a great time and what a beautiful place, everyone was so nice to us. Again thanks to all of the staff, sound crew, all of the crew with BBC, and especially to all of the promoters who booked Justin, Tony, and Landon.

Many Thanks,

Justin and Elizabeth

Thanks again for inviting us to your Festival. We had a great time. Everyone was so accommodating and the hotel and the food was marvellous. I also enjoyed spending time with Ron Williams. He is a very nice man and a tribute to his mother. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you all.

Cheers, Gail

Well well what can I say, after last year I really didn't think you could improve. But once again you have stunned me into silence with such and amazing weekend. The calibre of acts was just outstanding. There is absolutely nothing negative I could say about the whole weekend. You all must be so proud of yourself for all the hard work you have put it in. I really do hope you know how much it is appreciated. Dad as I'm sure you are aware is not so mobile this year, and I would just like to say a special thank you for allowing me to use the disabled parking so that I could ferry him back and forth to the caravan. I know it seems like a short walk for you and me but for him it was more like a marathon, ha ha so a huge thank you for that as it meant he had more energy to enjoy the weekend. Just a small thing I remembered, I was surprised to hear from the acts when they were on stage, that Alba was dictating to them what they were and were not allowed to play. I just picked up on a couple of times when the acts were on stage and no one was dancing they were going to change things around but weren't sure if they could or should. Felt if that dictating grew more and more and they couldn't play to suit their audience then you really would have a problem on your hands. Well done to you all once again. Can't wait until next year.

Thanks Wendy

Christine....Just wanting to say great big thanks to you and everyone concerned with the Festival. Pauline and I enjoyed every single second of the event and we will be back for sure. It was superb and the organisation was first class as was the hospitality. You made us feel so welcome and that added to our enjoyment of the weekend. I met up with loads of people that I hadn't seen in years and that was superb too. You and all the rest of the gang deserve a medal for what you do. You must all be exhausted after the event! It was simply brilliant. Well done everyone concerned.

All the best, Ken Macleod Radio Tay

Thanks for having us at your excellent Festival and as always a great success….I am happy with what I have on tape and will put the interviews out in the next few weeks…regards

Helen Macpherson MFR

Hope you have recovered from the Festival. Thank you very much for having us up to play again - we really enjoyed it. I think this year truly was the best yet. There was country music for everyone, every age, every taste!! Just fantastic! My personal highlights were definitely Highway 101 and Gene Watson - both were totally outstanding. I am looking forward to seeing what Mne TV produce this year. On behalf of The Chicken Pickers I wish you and the rest of the committee all the best for the preparation of next year's Festival and I'm sure it will continue to go from strength to strength.

Thanks again, Mikie Henderson Chicken Pickers

Firstly let me say a very big thank you to you and all the organisers for inviting me and my band to your Festival. I can honestly say that we enjoyed every moment of it and would loved to have been able to stay and listen to all the other acts. From the moment we arrived to departing the Festival the warmth of the welcome and hospitality of everyone involved I can truly say was felt by everyone around me. Congratulations to everyone involved, you have a Festival to be very proud of. God willing in time we will be able to do it all again. Continued success for the years ahead.

Kind Regards Dominic Kirwan

Hi, we made it up to the Festival weekend, thanks to the tireless efforts of all involved it was a fabulous weekend of good country music. We hope to get north for many more visits.

Many thanks The Boyds

Thanks for the opportunities that NNCMC have afforded MLM over the years. The young people involved have really enjoyed it (as has the staff) and I wish you and the rest of the Country Festival committee all the best for the future.

Fiona, MLM Wick Youth Club

Thanks for your kind email. You are very welcome. The boys appreciate all the work and effort you all put into the Festival and are only delighted to be asked after so many years. All the best with it in the future and I look forward to seeing all the acts on the TV later in the year.

Cheers Kevin, THE JACKS

Thanks for having us. The Festival is well organised, good sound, good hotel, good food, nice golf game, everything was ok. We've had a great time and made some new friends. If you want something from me, don't hesitate to get in touch with. We love to come back and if you can promote the band to other Festival, please do. Hope to hear from you very soon.

Bye for now. South Mountain

Thanks so much for having us..let's do it again next year….we had a blast..thanks to all of you at Deri..you took care of us well…..and the Station Inn too..you all are thee best..I will pass the gratitude's on to Nikki and cactus

Highway 101

Just wanted to let you know I made it safely home last night, and wanted to thank you and all of the Festival board for giving me the chance to come to Scotland and be a part of this years show. I really enjoyed myself and was impressed by how organized and professional the entire weekend was. Well, thank you again, and I wish for yourself and the Festival much success in the future, Ron Williams

Hi Christine I have just spent yet another fantastic week-end at the Halkirk CMF, and all down to the hard work by yourself and your committee. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved and looking foreword to next year.

Best Regards and Many Thanks

BILL, Ireland

Absolutely fabulous weekend we loved every minute of our weekend and we admire your committee with all their hard work and dedication. The music was fantastic we will never see that line up of singers ever again. Booked our hotel for next year! Hope we are on the mailing list. Thanks very much for all your help during the weekend and our welcome.