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Well what a fantastic weekend you guys put together, that's for sure! Thank you so much for letting us play again, we enjoyed it a lot. It was great getting to see the other shows which all had a great line up. Thank you also for the great bit about us in the programme , it meant a lot to all the band members and made us feel extra welcome. Throughout Sunday the amount of people that stopped me to comment on our set was amazing but every single one of them commented on how great the whole festival was.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend

Mikie, Chicken Pickers

Yes it was a great night and all feedback I heard about the weekend was very positive. I can only say for our experience there, the committee's part was well organised, great atmosphere and lots and lots of hard work went in to it. You all deserve great thanks and should be very proud of what you have achieved. All the very best for 2011 festival and I am sure it will go from strength to strength. please pass on our thanks and best.


Kevin, The Jacks

Thank you so much for - everything! (and for the pictures) - You were so nice all the time and I had the time of my life at your festival! I have been singing almost for a lifetime and have been touring as "Kerstin Dahlberg" for many years, and with Red also but as you know, I have been off the Country stages for ten years and Im so happy that Red contacted me again and let me in on his shows.

The feedback I got from you all there made me so happy and I really feel that this is what I am supposed to do!! I have just started a new band with people like myself and we are going to Silkeborg in Denmark soon. SCC, Scandinavian Country Music Club has their 25-years celebration and me and my band " Country 4U" will play a couple of sets in August. I have been there many times - with and without Red but my band have never been there and they are so exited. (Still I must say - your festival and the people there is really the best I have ever seen and met!) Everybody knew the songs and were singing along while they were dancing. Everybody said so many nice things to me though nobody even knew I was coming - they really took me to their hearts at once and I am so gratetful and happy for that!

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you again some time! Please give my love to all the others in the committee too - lovely people!

Love Kerstin

Thanks we really enjoyed our part of it and thought the festival was excellent once again.


Keith. Slange Ava

Just a quick note to say thanks you all very much for all your help and hard work over the last week and in the months leading up to the festival You all made us feel so welcome and that any request I made was no bother even though you had your hands full with the festival itself . We definitely got everything we hoped for from the festival to put together a great program. We will be starting work on putting it together shortly.


Kevin MNE.TV

I would just like to say the Festival overall for me was probably the best one yet. I just feel there is no comparison having the American artists having their own musicians than being backed by musicians they are not familiar with. The quality of the musicianship can be of a very high standard but if the person in the front is not fully confident with the sound at their back it does affect their performance. Amber Digby, Leona Williams, Red Jenkins all great and Rick Trevino and his band for me were in a different class. As you know I was there from first bell on Friday night till last bell on Sunday night and I can honestly say there was not one act I did not enjoy. Many thanks to the committee and all their helpers for the hard work that is put into this event. Long may you be able to keep it up.

Thanks again

Robert, Manson Grant & the Dynamos

It is always a pleasure to come up north to what we all believe is the best country festival in the UK. You and the committee should be congratulated on another excellent event and may we at Smalltown wish you continued success.

Best Regards

Simon, George and father George

Thank you so much for having us, we really enjoyed the whole thing and must commend you 's for running a very professional and well run event. It was great to see the support you received.

Best Regards

Thomas Maguire

Hi Hope this finds you all well and fully recovered from another brilliant weekend, myself and my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed our days up in Caithness and I would also like to record my gratitude for bring so helpful to us all, but in particular to Kevin and his crew at a time when you had so much else to think about.

Alasdair Mackinnon

I would just like to say thank you very much for another great Festival weekend. As always you and your committee members gave a great welcome to artists, fans and also MFR which I certainly appreciate. Great atmosphere and excellent music an ideal way to spend my Sunday. Hope all went well for you and you are busy thinking about next year.


Helen Macpherson, MFR

I just want to thank you all for a great weekend from which I am still recovering. This was my first visit with Danny and Brigitte and I was so very welcome. I must congratulate all the committee members and volunteers who put in soooooooo much time and effort into creating a fabulous festival. Be very proud of them all as I am involved in many committees and the joined-up working that I saw was exceptional .

Music was really, really good. All round a brilliant time.

Eileen Kerr

Just wanted to drop you a wee line to say thank you to yourself and the rest of the committee for once again providing us with such a great weekend. Every year I go I keep saying that was the best one yet and there is no way you can improve on that and then next year comes around and you once again manage to prove me wrong. I just hope that yourself and the rest of the committee manage to enjoy it as well as I know only too well the stress and work that goes into it by you all, but I can assure you the work is very much appreciated.

I was speaking to a lot of people over the weekend who have travelled to from various different areas of the country and each one kept on saying the same thing that they have never been to such a well organised and friendly festival anywhere. They were all amazed how you promote local young talent and give them the opportunity to play as well as providing the things you did this year for the kids and making it a truly family event.

Keep up the good work

Look forward to next year

Wendy Shearer x

Hope you are finding time to relax, another great weekend Roll on 2011

Sandy Watt Waves Radio Aberdeen

Thanks for all the hard work you put into setting up the hall and inviting a great variety of professional bands to the festival.

We could have listened to Rick Trevino all night, class act.

Great weekend see you 2011

Best Wishes

Margaret, Irene, Margaret

Thanks very much for letting us play, they really enjoyed the experience. The money will go toward buying new equipment for the music department.

John, Thurso High School Band

I'm glad you enjoyed Blacktooth and that feedback about them has been good. They really enjoyed the whole experience and just seemed to take it in their stride-hardly any nerves at all from any of them! We also felt they performed well, especially as they were following the Chicken Pickers who are old hands at the festival now. Congratulation to you and the rest of the organising committee for another successful festival. We thought it was a fantastic atmosphere yet again and everyone seemed to have a great time. I heard from loads of people that Sunday night in particular was a cracker.

Thanks once again for giving our members the opportunity of participating in the festival and we're very much looking forward to next year.

Fiona Wick Music Link Media

I'm so sorry for just now getting back to you...after getting back to the states, I had a minor surgery...it went well...and I'm feeling fine...no worries....however, I'm running behind on emails.... ;) ...I did receive the pictures and posted them on my facebook page!...thank you, so much!...and thank you for EVERYTHING...it was such a pleasant trip...everything was perfect....please pass along my gratitude to everyone who had a part in me being there...and to all that took care of us, while we were there....y'all treated us first class....we'll always treasure our time with you....I look forward to seeing you again!...until then, take care...


Amber Digby