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Many great shows have come and gone already this year; we've had some brilliant nights at the NNCMC. Ruby Rendall along with George Mackintosh in July and Boxcar Kelly and the Railroaders along with George Malcolm in August.

The George Macintosh Duo entertained us in July. George, originally from Newcastle, now resides in Glasgow. George joked that he had decided to add some glamour to his act and this was achieved by bringing Carol along! Carol wasn't sure if she would be getting paid or not and so she had made herself a packed lunch for the trip! Some great tunes: George's favourite "Remember, Life Turned Her That Way"; Carol's favourite "Fields of Gold". Also, "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend", "Today I Started Loving You Again" and "Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses".

During the July show, NNCMC members Sandy and Pat Wright were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Many congratulations both; may you have many more!

The star of our July show, Ruby Rendall performed with her six-piece band. Ruby, from Orkney, had been off the road for a few years raising her family. Her son, the lead guitarist is 28! Ruby recognised some familiar faces at the NNCMC and looked forward to catching up with a few during the evening. We were kept on the dance floor with "Teenage Wedding", "Sleeping In The Bed You Made For Me" and "Waiting For The Love I've Lost" - written by Ruby. Arlene G and Kat Dangerfield also performed for us.

Boxcar Kelly and the Railroaders entertained us in August; a five-piece band from Surrey, covering old and new country music, along with George Malcolm who is no stranger to the NNCMC. Another great night of dancing and fun.

The NNCMC has some fantastic shows lined up for the remainder of the year. American country music star Will Banister is to headline our next show in September (Friday 28 September) which is sponsored by the Northern Nashville Caithness Country Music Festival Charities monies. The festival, which has now fully wound up, had funds remaining in its charity account and, as both the club and the festival have the promotion of country music as their mission, it was agreed with OSCAR, the charities regulator, that it was appropriate to use the funds to sponsor a special NNCMC night.

Will Banister, who played at the festival soared to fame when his album "Turned Her On To Country" earned rave reviews and put the album title song to number one in the UK Weekly Hot Disc charts, where it remained for 4 weeks. Will's 2017 album has won several awards in USA and his popularity continues to soar. Will commented " We are sure looking forwards to playing in Thurso Scotland. I'm so honoured to be part of the Northern Nashville show for a second time. I know it will be a great time".

Along with Will, the NNCMC also welcomes Irish country star Ben Troy who shot to fame in his early years when he and his two friends performed as The Wee Amigos. Ben has matured into a solo artist who sings a mix of traditional and modern country music in his own unique style and is definitely one to watch as the future of country music!

Backing both Will and Ben, no stranger to our club, is another Irish star Nicky James who will also have his own spot during the show. Nicky covers many of the traditional Irish country songs and delivers them as only the Irish can!

Opening the show is Kentucky Rain who come from Lancashire. The versatile duo, consisting of Darren Murphy and Mike Wallace, play a good mix of classic and modern country music with a bit of craic thrown in.

Elsewhere in the county, our neighbour in Wick, the Triple "C" is holding an all-day show on Saturday 20 October, which features Trevor Loughrey, Gary Gamble, The Ryan Turner Band, John Rafferty & North Star, and High & Dry. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

The remaining NNCMC 2018 shows, taking us up to and including the Christmas show, are as follows:

6 October - Thomas and Fhiona, along with Flamze
30 November - Stephen Smyth, along with Johnny Bremner
21 December - Barry Doyle Duo, Kathy Durkin, Ailish McBride, along with Colin McFeat

All are set to be musical extravaganzas not to be missed!

Until the next time…………


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